About the Conservation Fund

The Birdworld conservation fund was set up solely to support local, national and international conservation initiatives for the protection of threatened species. Every penny it raises goes directly to our conservation initiatives. No administration costs are taken and 100% goes straight to the charities it supports.

What Initiatives has the Conservation Fund Supported?

We have had another busy year with the Birdworld Conservation Fund and have been pleased to support several projects from local to international.

As with the past few years we have continued to provide funds for SANCCOB (Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds). Much of this work helps towards rehabilitation and release of African penguins and in addition this year towards the rescue of Lesser flamingos following a rescue operation from Kamfers Dam in South Africa.

In addition, we continue to support the World Owl Trust, a UK based international organisation which is showcased in the Birdworld Owl Parliament.

Other new projects supported have included the rescue of Santa Cruz Ground Doves in the Solomon Islands following illegal trapping for intended export.

We have supported conservation research in the Western Cape assessing tick prevalence and the potential impact on fecundity of breeding African Penguins in artificial nests.

Closer to home, work has started on habitat management for Turtle Doves, a migratory species greatly in decline in the UK.

At even more local level, the Birdworld Conservation Fund has been very pleased to provide a large aviary and brooder for HART Wildlife Rescue, near Alton, which cares for injured native animals that need captive care until fit enough to be released.

All of these funds have been donated to the Birdworld Conservation Fund by our Birdworld visitors and supporters and it is through this generosity that we can continue to support these worthy initiatives.